Smiling Bret Cooper

A lazy gun for hire


Dark skinned and slender, “Smiling” Bret Cooper earned his nickname from a prominent scar. Tracing a line from the corner of his mouth out along his cheek, it gives him a twisted half grin, half sneer that seldom endears him to others. He dresses nicely, in a brocaded green vest and collared shirt somewhere near to cream in tone. Tall, serviceable boots rest under a long pair of battered denim trousers. He wears a dark brown great coat, with armored shoulders and elbows, and wide brown fedora. A leather holster rests on his right thigh, supported by a heavy leather belt. A satchel of lead shot rests behind it, with a knife resting sheathed by the small of his back.


Bret Cooper is a gun for hire, plain and simple. He blew into Port Allister about six years ago, working the docks as security. He joined with the Adventuring Guild while business was slow, taking jobs that were short and dangerous. He quickly developed a reputation for being incredibly lazy, yet very effective gunslinger. He does not talk much about his past, and he has shown a talent at cards, gun fighting, and simple mechanical jobs.

Smiling Bret Cooper

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