Today was the day after yesterday.

I think it's a Tuesday. It always feels like a Tuesday.

6th of Late Harvest, 512 YSF

I help Little Nell. Nell in good spirit this day.

New friends he has, It good.

We went to alcohol shop, cause Little Nell like to play box-strings there.

Snaketongue Man and Boy-Man came to tell us bout new work for us. Little Nell seem excited but I did not follow what was happening. Then Sleepy Man threw bottle at bugbear. I laugh quietly, but I want laugh louder. It funny. Why can’t we do this more?

We wait for long time, but sleepy man seem to finish up whatever he doing and we leave.

Little Nell tell me we follow Bugbear, we stop him. No life stopping though. That good, I don’t like to do that.

We have help from Bruce, Bruce good Man Bear, he strong like me.

We stop bugbear, he give good story, he say he no Habo, he Abbo. I scared, we may caught wrong man. But Little Nell said he Habo so I guess he know more than me.

Guard came to calm things down, and Little Nell and Bruce kept safe in end.

We go back to return Habo/Abbo but he run away from us like slippy fish. Little Nell told me to chase with out him. Me hesistate, but do as asked. Bruce chase better than me in end and caught Habo/Abbo.

We pin Bugbear and ship show up. It have friend in it, HunterMan.

Hunterman seem to help. I don’t know. But he did.

Little Nell was waiting for me to return, he happy, that good.

Successful day. We get paided.



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