The world is dying. You have grown up with that fact. So did your parents, and their parents before them, and their parents before them. In fact the world had been “dying” for over four centuries now. Few are bothered by it much anymore as they know that the whole mess started long before they were born and will probably end generations after they die.

           Everyone knows the tales of the beginning of the end, the battle between the gods and the eventual defeat of the irreverent god of industry, Calderon by the goddess Elhonna. Started by the machine god the pantheon was split and war ravaged the land. Many gods sided with each faction of the war but most abstained as it had little to do with them and their goals. That lasted for years until one massive battle, where was long forgotten but the events would be forever remembered. Calderon Appeared on the battlefield and called out to the opposing gods, Elhonna and her unlikely but staunchest ally Obad-hai. It was a trap, as the gods led their armies towards one another, something happened. A blinding flash, a deafening explosion, a burst of divine energy, and the unthinkable, Obad-hai was slain in a single blow. Confusion ripped through Elhonna’s ranks as their ally fell and the armies of Calderon surged forward seizing the advantage. In the mist of the ferocious battle which ensued, Elhonna saw it. A Wicked machine hiding far from the battlefield, no doubt a weapon and she could feel its lifeless stare bearing down on her, ready to make her its next victim. In a desperate attempt she threw herself at Calderon and held the machine god in place as the weapon struck at her. Shielding herself with the entangled Calderon, Elhonna had turned his own creation on him and had slain him with it. But the weapon was powerful and left Elhonna with grave wounds as well. With her opponent felled Elhonna Summoned the last of the power she could to strike down the terrible creation before her, yet it would not go quietly, in a blast that would decimate both armies it erupted with what power was contained within..

           It is said that after this great battle Elhonna retreated to her greatest of sanctuaries where she bled from her wounds and cried for those fallen, and that her blood and tears formed the great lake. She now rests on the bottom of the lake, broken of body and soul watching as the beautiful world around her slowly fades away.

           A dying world. You’d think we would have abandoned it long ago. Oh, we tried. Hundreds if not thousands tried. Especially in the early days. Many a great practitioner of the arcane was lost that way. When the gods up and left they made it clear that we were not to follow. Not like humanity is one to sit quietly and listen. Not like any of us mortals were. We saw the deserts growing overtaking once fertile farmland. We saw the hunts bringing home less game every season. We saw the oceans drying up. We may be mortals but we’re far from stupid. When the gods ran off fearful for their own lives they did something to the plane. They managed to lock down any attempt to get away from this dying world. No plane shifting, no portals, even using teleport beyond a few hundred yards is suicide. Unless we can find a way to escape from this dying rock, our children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s decedents are doomed.

Welcome to the Sandswept campaign.

          originally the game was a 4 player campaign that ran the D&D 3.5 system. unfortunately due to schedule conflicts the game was shelved. I am taking this chance to change systems and clean up the world/story. With a better laid out script and a fuller, more lively world, i will relaunch the game some time in the future.

update 2010/11/11 : not dead. still just lazy.

update 2013/11/20 : Holy hell! I’m at it again.


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