He's a bear.


Name: Bruce
Class: 2lvl Tough, 1lvl Strong, 1lvl Thrasher
Occupation: Investigative
Race: Bear Moreau (Overt)
Level: 4
Allegiance: Neutral

Strength: 20 Mod: 5
Dexterity: 8 Mod: -1
Constitution: 21 Mod: 5
Intelligence: 10 Mod: 0
Wisdom: 12 Mod: 1
Charisma: 10 Mod: 0

HP: 49 (Die type: d12’s, d10’s and d8’s)

AC: 19 (10+4+5-1+1)
Armor: Buff Coat

Saving Throws:
Fort: 11
Ref: 1
Will: 2

Initiative: -1

Attack Rolls:
Melee: 6 (7 unarmed)
Ranged: -2
Grapple: 12 (13 unarmed)

Attack: +7
Damage: 1d6 + 6
Crit: 20
Attack: +7
Damage: 1d6 + 6

Base Speed: 30

Concentration: 12 (7+5)
Intimidate: 2 (2+0)
Investigate: 1 (1+0)
Knowledge (Streetwise): 2 (2+0)
Sense Motive: 2 (1+1)
Perception: 2 (0 if using eyes) (1+1)
Survival: 8 (7+1)

Action Points: 1

Simple Weapon Proficiency

Second Wind
Melee Smash
Tough Defense

Base: 30 ft / 6 squares
Hustle: 60 ft / 12 squares
Run: 120 ft / 24 squares

Carrying Capacity:
Light: 266 lbs or less
Medium: 267 – 532 lbs
Heavy: 533 – 800 lbs

Lift Over Head: 800 lbs Lift off Ground: 1600 lbs Push/Drag: 4000 lbs

Bruce is about 8’0" with a weight of 430 lbs. He has short, brown fur and wears light clothing with the exception of his coat. Bruce has brown eyes that you could lose yourself in.

Bruce is gruff and quiet, yet still at least attempts to be polite. He always tries to keep a calm manner, as he knows firsthand the trouble anger can get him into. However, if one badly hurts, in any way, him or a friend, his anger is stuff of legends.

As for his fighting style, he is usually unarmed and will almost always try for nonlethal, a habit stemmed from his old jobs. That being said, he is not afraid to use his claws if he feels the need to, or if someone pisses him off enough. His favorite attack is headbutting, mainly because it also tests his toughness and it can be really funny.

Bruce is generally slow to trust. Quickest way to get on his good side and earn his trust is to save his ass or be truly helpful. As a result of his upbringing, he is not won over by just a friendly face. Even when one gains his trust, they can lose it with just the smallest betrayal. It should be noted that just because he does not trust or like someone doesn’t mean he won’t tolerate them, especially if he can trust in their skills. However, he will not necessarily tolerate certain behaviors that bother him, even from his friends. Also, he only trusts someones merit. Since he grew up an orphan, he feels no ties to race. A friend vouching can go a long way, but only if that friend has complete trust in the person they’re vouching for. Even then, it goes only so far.

Orphaned before he can remember, he’s had a hard life on the bad side of town. Growing up in an orphanage was rough, as expected, especially for someone who looked like him. In his early childhood, he was always picked on by others. That generally stopped as he started growing to full size as puberty hit. Unfortunately, he had developed a hot temper and got into fights almost daily, usually ending with someone in the infirmary. The orphanage could not handle him and kicked him out early.

His teen/adult life would have been much harder had he not been a giant bear who seemed like he could easily kill anyone who gave him trouble. As a result of either his size, appearance, or both, he has always found odd jobs. He mostly tried for legitimate work, but if that was not possible, he had no problems working with shadier characters. Around age 20 he started doing bounty hunter work with a gang of friends. Once again, he settled in as the muscle of the group, yet he still picked up some of the other skills. Over their career, the group had gained local fame. Unfortunately, this brought unwanted attention from unsavory characters. After 7 years, Bruce quit the bounty hunter job and settled in as a bouncer at a dive bar, which he continues to do in between adventuring jobs.

A year ago, Bruce joined the adventuring company because he missed the excitement, and he views this as a job that doesn’t make as many enemies as his previous jobs.

Bruce enjoys booze of all kinds, and can almost always be seen with a cigar. He enjoys reading, specifically philosophy (warrior) and, on the complete other end of the spectrum, trashy romance novels. As for the type of person he likes, he prefers those who are tough, calm, and humble. Bruce enjoys the company of more “human” women (especially if they got good legs), but hey, any port in a storm. And when you’re a bear trying to get a date, you’re in one hell of a storm.

Among things he dislikes are most animals (since they generally hate him), braggarts, loud mouths, liars, and generally anyone he can’t trust completely. He hates any behavior that can be considered crude or obnoxious, and will let anyone and everyone know. One of his pet peeves is when someone attempts to gain favor from anyone for any reason other than merit (example: If another bear moreau tried to get Bruce on their side merely because of shared race). Another is people who make bear puns. What did you expect? The exception to this is “the right to bear arms”. That amuses him.

Bruce hopes to one day far in the future own a bar and settle down with a wife, if he can manage to find one good enough.


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