The "Habo and the Boys" Gang

Flaming Idiots in the Hot Desert - An Entry from the Diary of Alex Rune

6th of Late Harvest, 512 YSF

It was a clear day, slight breeze. Early in the afternoon, Dr. Morgan caught up to me while I was out by the docks killing time and watching for anything interesting coming or going. He said that the Guild had posed a job for our group. Apparently, a bugbear named Habo and his “group of boys” has been roaming the rail lines toward Port Alister and they have been leaving a swath of collateral damage in their wake. Our job was to head them off and prevent them from doing any damage to the town.

Doc Morgan and I headed over to the Brass Spigot, our typical rallying point. Therein, Nell, Bruce, and Coop were at the bar examining the job description. Only the Goddess probably knew what Cactus Joe was up too. Habo is a bugbear (reportedly), and his boys were not well described. After a brief discussion, Coop noticed that there was a group of patrons at the bar that included a bugbear, a dwarf, and three humans; all male i.e. “boys”. Coincidence? Dr. Morgan and I sat down at a table by the door.

Coop decided to bet that there was no coincidence and ordered a fresh beer which he promptly threw AT the bugbear and yelled “Hey Habo, catch!” Reflexively, the Bugbear looked up and nearly caught a mug in the face. Coop then invited himself to their card game and began to absorb their money; or so I assume, based on the swearing and demeanor of the group. After a fashion, they broke up and headed outside. I followed shortly thereafter and shadowed them. The headed towards the docks huddled and split up. I decided to follow one of the human boys that I watched receive a vile of who knows what.

My mark snuck off to one of the alleyways between warehouses and tried to perform some light arson with a flask of oil. I prevented that with some arcane intervention, and managed to catch the street on fire instead. You’re welcome insurance companies. I had one change to try and catch the would-be arsonist, but failed. I instead stuck around to smother the fire with sand.

After the fire got put out, I alerted the Mon Province fuzz to the suspected arsonist and back tracked to the intersection where the group split up. Once there, I noticed that there was a commotion a distance off. It was the brewery, on fire. In the crowd of onlookers, I noticed the Dwarf in Habo’s gang.

I followed him to a house on the outskirts of the town, where Coop caught up with me. Coop snuck around the house while I made a distracting commotion at the front door. Once through the front door, I swept through the house and caught up with Coop, where he shot one of Habo’s boys in the ass, but he wasn’t the dwarf. The dwarf already had split and was running out into the desert.

This is where I may have made a mistake. Why I decided to run down a dwarf…alone…into the desert…I can’t say. I caught up to him (short legs) in short enough order, but I couldn’t really over power him. We tangled. Knives came out. I got cut twice. Coop bailed me out. We walked them to the jail. Cactus Joe appeared in a sail boat, so Coop and I went out there looking for clues, found little, and we watched the train explode. I took half of Coop’s flask, Dr. Morgan stitched my arm up and I called it a night. The end.



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